Why dance?

Why dancing is good for you?

Year after year, dance is becoming an increasingly popular form of recreation. Visit a dance center with certified dance professionals who will introduce you to the world of movement, imagination, music, magic, a world that fills up batteries, heals and rests the mind and body and offers complete freedom of movement - THE WORLD OF DANCE!  

It is well known that DANCE is an excellent form of socializing, and plays important health and social role in this regard, especially in terms of prevention and rehabilitation. Dance brings multiple benefits.

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Benefits of Dance for Social Life:

    • maintaining culture and tradition
    • has a positive impact on relationships between life and business partners
    • in a dance school you will enjoy and have fun in a pleasant company
    • making some new friendships
    • developing a positive and kind way of communication

Benefits of Dance for Physical Health:

  • shaping your body 
  • an effective and painless way of losing weight 

  • maintaining physical condition improving coordination making your body posture better 

  • increasing flexibility, strength and endurance of the whole body 

  • strengthening the immunological system 

  • strengthening bones increasing physical resistance, breathing capacity and tonus of muscles 

  • everybody who is dancing gets ill rarely and lives seven years longer 

  • sweating and exhaling while dancing removes harmful substances from the body 

Zasto ples

Benefits of Dance for Mental Health:

  • dance relaxes us, makes us happier, satisfied and putting us in a good mood
  • dance develops self-awareness and self-confidence
  • reduces tension, stress and anxiety
  • affects the quality of sleeping
  • makes us more positive and optimistic because it releases hormones of happiness, ENDORPHIN and
  • SEROTONIN, natural substances that strengthens the body defense system
  • improves one's mental health
  • enhances memory and concentration
  • positive effects in combating depression
  • slows down the aging process and extends a one's life span

The direct and indirect role of preventing:

    • obesity
    • diabetes
    • osteoporosis
    • cardiovascular diseases
    • locomotor system diseases
    • respiratory diseases
    • depressive and anxiety disorders
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