Dance course attenders about PCZ


At first I kept quiet and didn't tell any of my friends about the dance lessons I was taking. Now that they know, they envy me and show admiration.

Besides, I told them that right there I had met my current girlfriend.

Sonja Marković

A real expert in his/ her field is able to transfer knowledge to others in an easy and simple way. What is being taught is just as important as how it is being taught. Personality, communication skills and, above all, humanity guarantee a successful dance teacher and educator. It is very important that we love our job. If we love what we do, we will do it with greater passion. It can be easily seen whether it is just a job or a life's calling. Mr. Nicolas Quesnoit always shows that kind of passion, enthusiasm and love for dance. He succeeded in conveying that to me, and I believe to other members of the group as well. You can be charged a fee for learnig dance steps, the 'pure' dance technique, but the passion for the art of dance is priceless.

All dance teachers at the centre are very nice and profesional. With their smile and calmness, they contribute to a pleasant atmosphere at every dance lesson.
I owe a debt of gratitude for the decision to take a dance course to Mrs. Suzana who works at the reception. Here, at the dance centre, there are really golden people who do their best to teach us how to dance. Thank you, because I started to see dance through different eyes.


My mum wanted me to take dance classes while I was in the second grade, but I didn't want to.

It was stupid to me. But then I came ... and stayed. It's really cool.


At the beginning my biggest problem was to find time for any kind of recreation, but here I met some very nice people that I have remained friends with.

It's great to know that such a cheerful place in Zagreb exists, the place where you can come and dance without prejudice.

Boris N.

My idea of entertainment was just playing cards with friends. I surprised myself and others when, at my wife's long lasting coaxing, I agreed to take social dances course.

It turned out to be awesome entertainment and recreation.

Happy newlyweds

It's true what they say. It's like learning to ride a bike. It remains for a lifetime.

If people accept you with all your faults (as somebody with no idea about dancing) and you manage to dance the first dance at the wedding flawlessly, then it says all about the professionalism of the dance teachers.

From one primary school

Pupils and teachers alike were very fond of dance courses organized for our primary school children. Through dancing, children became friends and had great fun.

Thank you for teaching them how to dance so beautifully.

Zoran Nakić (the dean of faculty of mining, geology and petroleum engineering) and Linda Šimunović Nakić

An excellent organisation. It's a wonderful feeling when you move in the rhythm of the Viennese and English Waltzes.

The dance teachers perform at a very high professional level, in a very pleasant atmosphere. Relaxation for body and soul.

Branka Š.

Great fun. Nice dance halls and excellent dance teachers. Reeaaly good music and veeery good company. Two hours pass in the blink of an eye.

I look forward to Fridays… Relaxation for body and soul. The real enjoyment of dance!

Dragana Grozdanić

Nicolas is a man with a disarming smile and the best dance teacher ever He can win everyone's heart with his cheery smile and his positive attitude. Needless to say, Nicolas is a brilliant dancer, highly professional and passionately dedicated to doing his job - dancing and teaching alike. He makes everybody feel comfortable, important and respected at his dance center. So, come and visit The Zagreb Dance Centre by Nicolas. You'll see for yourself how well it works. I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to meet Nicolas and dance with him.

I knew almost nothing about the tango, but to my great surprise, I danced it perfectly with him. In this case the expression 'it takes two to tango' could be easily replaced by 'It took only Nicolas for me to tango'. But, above all, Nicolas is a man with a big heart. If there is anything bigger than Nicolas's personality and professionalism, it might just be his heart. His smile is larger than life, but his heart is equally as big.
Thank you Nicolas for all those memorable moments spent at your dance centre.

I want to dance

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