With more happiness, there is more producitivity!

Team building

Most business people associate team-building with sports. We are here to undeceive this thesis. Why dancing? Dance makes you happier, relaxed, brings people together, it is a way of communication, it is proven to increase people's productivity and it is a skill that has been learned for a lifetime.

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Most business people associate team building with sports. We are here to make you change your mind. Why not dance? Dance entertains, relaxes and brings people together. It is also a way of communication. It has been proven that dance can increase productivity. It is a learned skill that remains for a lifetime.

Team building can take place at The Zagreb Dance Centre by Nicolas, at 93 Ozaljska Street, in one of our professionally equipped dancing halls, in the hall of your company or at any other place that suits you.

Why choose us? Because we are the only dance centre in Croatia that has all 4 parameters necessary for success: knowledge, experience (our dance centre has been operating since 2002), excellent working conditions (five professionally equipped dancing halls and reputation (with Nicolas, The Zagreb Dance Centre by Nicolas is the most recognisable dance centre in Zagreb.).

We invite companies to take advantage of this unique offer and make payments.
TB – 2.500 HRK. Leave the rest to Nicolas who will cheer your employees up.
More joy, more productivity!

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Opening hours

mon – fri from 14:00 until 22:00 h,
sat from 10:00 until 14:00 h, sun Reception closed

Our address and contacts are

phone: +385 1 7779 412
email: [email protected]
address: Ozaljska 93, Zagreb

U četvrtak 30.5. ne radimo. Vidimo se u petak!

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