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Private Dance Classes

A wedding or some other important event is approaching for you and you want to make the fastest progress in the shortest time possible! Private dance lessons are the solution! Our instructors will teach you dances of your choice. And we will adapt according to your working hours.

Apply without obligation. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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Individual dance lessons

INDIVIDUAL CLASSES(Private dance classes: 45 min / class)
5 hour package1.250,00 HRK
7 hour package (BONUS 50% off for dancing course!)1.750,00 HRK
10 hour package (BONUS 1 private dance class)2.500,00 HRK
20 hours (BONUS 3 private dance classes!)5.000,00 HRK
10% off for cash payment!

If you are about to attend a wedding reception or any other important event and you want to make rapid progress in dancing in the shortest time possible – private dance classes are the best solution for you.

Our dance teachers will help you master the dances of your own choice. We will adapt to meet your needs and your busy schedule.

If you wish to dance your first special event dance to your favorite music, our professionals will put together a dance choreography designed specially for you, so that you can remember that moment for a lifetime.

Private dance classes are held with 1, 2, or 3 dance couples maximum.

The price for 1 hour private dance class – 1 dance couple = 250 HRK

The price for 1 hour private dance class – 2 dance couples = 350 HRK

The price for 1 hour private dance class – 3 dance couples = 450 HRK

*It does not apply to the 3 hour private dance classes package.

You do not have a partner? At the Zagreb Dance Centre by Nicolas you can dance with your dance teacher. You will enjoy your dance teacher’s full attention – success guaranteed

For those couples or individuals to whom this is important, we guarantee absolute discretion during private lessons.


The Argentine tango

Fans of the real original tango eager to feel and live the story of seduction, quiet conversation between two people, the meaning of which is not publicly show already intimately sharing power in the seductive rhythm of the music, can apply for individual instruction Argentine tango.

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Opening hours

mon – fri from 14:00 until 22:00 h,
sat from 10:00 until 14:00 h, sun Reception closed

Our address and contacts are

phone: +385 1 7779 412
email: [email protected]
address: Ozaljska 93, Zagreb

U četvrtak 30.5. ne radimo. Vidimo se u petak!

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