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Tango is an attractive and sensual dance, the reflection of a relationship between man and woman, the interpretation of feelings...through improvisation.

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The tango is a very attractive and sensual dance. It is a reflection of the bond between a man and a woman and an interpretation of feelings… through improvisation.

It is danced with the heart. The emphasis is not just on technique, but on the skill of leading and following while listening to music and enjoying closeness with your partner.

The tango dance classes are held regularly (when the group of dancers is formed) at the Zagreb Dance Centre by Nicolas. Visit us and enjoy the magic of the South American continent through dance and music. Please, fill in the form, contact us and check the prices.

You can see below how it is done by professionals. 🙂

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mon - fri from 14:00 until 22:00 h,
sat from 10:00 until 14:00 h, sun Reception closed

Our address and contacts are

phone: +385 1 7779 412
email: [email protected]
address: Ozaljska 93, Zagreb

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